The 70 Ranch covers over 20 square miles of open terrain. With the large amount of oil and gas activity that takes place on the ranch, we thought it necessary to provide a map for law enforcement and fire & rescue operations to be able to quickly and easily navigate to their destination.  

The map below displays each Section/Township/Range, the 70 Ranch main and trunk roads, and all oil and gas padsites located on the ranch. 

Pad sites are color-coordinated by operator:

  • Yellow - Bonanza Creek Energy
  • Red - Noble Energy
  • Green - Bill Barret Corporation
  • Purple - Encana Corporation
  • Blue - PDC Energy

This map can also be opened in Google Earth by downloading the file using the link below:

70 Ranch - Roads and Padsites.kmz


Please remember that the 70 Ranch is private property and the roads on the 70 Ranch are private roads. Hunting is not permitted on the 70 Ranch without prior written consent from a 70 Ranch manager. Trespassers will be prosecuted.