70 Ranch Reservoir – The 70 Ranch Reservoir, located on the 70 Ranch and sponsored by the Weld Adams Water District Authority, is scheduled to open in 2019. The reservoir will hold 5,500 acre feet of  water storage.

                70 Ranch Pond Pipeline – The 70 Ranch has a 250 acre foot lined reservoir centrally located within its boundaries. To take advantage of the ranch's prime location on the South Platte River, 70 Ranch is in the planning process of building a pipeline connecting the Platte River to the pond for augmentation purposes.

                70 Ranch Energy Park - Currently in the planning and permitting stages, the 70 Ranch Energy Park will host nine commercial and industrial five-acre lots in the heart of Weld County's oil and gas development.

               Ground Water Monitoring – 70 Ranch has installed a series of ground water monitoring tools to measure water levels on land adjacent to the Ranch.

                Dry-up Management – In addition to subsurface irrigation, 70 Ranch is committed to using its junior water rights to re-vegetate its land with silage crops.

                Re-charge Ponds – The 70 Ranch has several recharge ponds to time returns to the Platte River for augmentation purposes. 

                 Riverside Recharge - United Water and Sanitation District worked in coordination with the State Land Board and the Riverside Reservoir and Irrigation Company to build an additional recharge site to expand the existing "Riverside Recharge Pond No. 1" recharge pond. The new site, "Riverside Recharge Pond No. 2", doubles the acreage of the original recharge pond.