70 Ranch is proud to be a member of Weld County's historic agricultural community. We strive to bring new technologies and best practices to farming, ranching, water efficiencies and conservation.


Subsurface Irrigation Efficiency Project (SIEP)

70 Ranch is championing future farming technology by supporting the Subsurface Irrigation Efficiency Project

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Water is a vital resource in Colorado. See what the 70 Ranch does to protect this resource and put it to its best uses.
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70 Ranch History

Learn about the 70 Ranch's rich history of cattle, hog and agricultural operations.
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Ranching and Farming Activities

The 70 Ranch utilizes renewable resources and technologies to raise productive crops in an arid climate.
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The 70 Ranch lies at the heart of the Niobrara oil and gas formation. The 70 Ranch and its oil and gas operations work closely to preserve the natural beauty of the land.

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The 70 Ranch is blessed to have a diverse and hardworking staff. Come and meet the wonderful people we employ.

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Community Involvement

70 Ranch is an active supporter of agricultural programs for the next generation of farmers and ranchers.
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There's always something going on at the 70 Ranch.

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70 Ranch Maps

The 70 Ranch covers over 20 square miles of property in Weld County. The 70 Ranch is providing maps for Police, Fire, and Rescue to easily navigate the property and reach their destinations as quickly as possible.

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